Chapter Synopsis of The Valkyrie

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Detailed Outline

(All dates are given as “AC,” or Ascensio Caesare. In order to derive real-world dates, subtract forty-four years from any “AD” date. So 54 AC = 10 AD. 1954 AC = 1910 AD)

The Valkyrie

Ex nihilo nihil fit: From nothing, nothing comes.

The god-born: Sigrun Caetia
The summoner: Trennus Matrugena
The archmage: Kanmi Eshmunazar
The godslayer: Adam ben Maor
And the man who brought them together in Rome's service: Antonius Valerius Livorus.

Together, they pursue a great mystery: Some believe that the world is about to end. Certainly, prophecy indicates so. Some of the gods are making provisions for that day, including reviving the custom of human sacrifice. How do they stop this, and how deep does the mystery go? And why is Sigrun prophesied to be the sole survivor of Ragnarok?

Part I: The Morning Star

Chapter 1: Beliefs.

Chapter 2: Rituals.

Chapter 3: Scars.

Chapter 4: Alterations.

Part II: Tears of the Children

Chapter 5: Ripples.

Chapter 6: Backgrounds.

Chapter 7: Investigations.

Chapter 8: Secrets.

Chapter 9: Reverberations.

Part III: Wounds

Chapter 10: Preparations.

Chapter 11: Cross-Purposes.

Chapter 12: Subversions.

Chapter 13: Invictus.

Chapter 14: Relations.

Interlude I: Unions

Part IV: Fire in the Heavens

Chapter 15: Seiches.

Chapter 16: Lines.

Chapter 17: Tephra.

Chapter 18: Xenocrysts.

Chapter 19: Lahar.

Chapter 20: Kipuka.

Interlude II: Settling Dust

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