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All maps are only valid for 1955 AC (after the ascension of Caesar).




Seorabeol — Seoul


*Edo — Tokyo
*Hokkaido Island


Beijing —Capital of Qin
*Llasa — Capital of the Tibetan Protectorate of Qin



Geographical features

*Áhkká — Mountain in far northern Sweden; site of an entrance to Valhalla
Haemodae — Shetland
*Mount Parnassus — Mountain in Hellas. Location of the Corycian Cave.
Orcades — Orkney islands
*Pielinen — Lake in Fennmark
Sequana river — Seine
*Taunus mountains, Greater Feldberg and Smaller Feldberg — Located in Hessen, Germany
Tamesis river — Thames



Cantium, petty kingdom — Kent
Caledonia, petty kingdom — Scotland
Cymru, petty kingdom — Wales
Eboracum, petty kingdom — York
Kernow, petty kingdom — Cornwall
Umbria, petty kingdom — Northumbria


Dhu Rinn —Durness
Dubrās — Dover
Inbhir Nis — Inverness
Londonium — London
Tarvodubron* (“Bullwater”) — Current capital of Caledonia. (Thurso)

Continental Gaul

Named Subprovinces:

• Aquitania (Southern France)
• Belgae (Belgium)
• Tarraconnensis, Lusitania, and Baetica (Iberian Gaul)
• Isle of the Blessed — Madeira


Carthaginensis — Cartagena, Spain
Lucentum — Alicante, Spain— Seville, Spain
*Lutetia Parisiorum — Paris
*Toxandria — Campine, Belgium
Valentia — Valencia


Agrippinensium — Cologne/Köln
*Frankonovurd am Main —Frankfurt


Kiev — Kiev
Novgorod — Novgorod
Moskva — Moscow
Varangkov — St. Petersburg


Lilybaeum — Marsala, Sicily


Other locations in Europa

Athens — City in Hellas
Argos — City in Hellas, noted for claiming to have the tomb of Prometheus
Cimbri — Denmark
Delphi — City in Hellas, home of the Oracle

*Gotaland — Southern Sweden

• Jönköping, capital city (Jönköping, Sweden)
• Mjölby, city on northern border. (Mjölby, Sweden)
• Ostrogotia (eastern province of Gotaland)

Fennmark — Finland

• Lieksa— City in Fennmark (Lieksa, Finland)
• Turku — Capital of Fennmark (Turku, Finland)

Polania — Poland

Caesaria Aquilonis (North America)


Geographical features

Aeturnus Flumenis — Mississippi river
Apalachen mountains — Appalachian mountains
Bláthach Peninsula — Florida
Lake Caestus — Lake Michigan
Lake Erielhonan — Lake Erie
Lake Monache — Mammoth Lakes
Mannahata — Manhattan Island
*Mitsi'adazi (or Goldeseasteð) — Yellowstone, river and region
Muhheakantuck — Hudson River
Nivalis mountains — Sierra Nevada mountains
Ohio Flumenis — Ohio river
Saxetae mountains — Rockies
Tó Baʼáadi river — Rio Grande
Yohhe'met — Yosemite

Novo Germania, cities and notable landmarks

*Burgundoi — San Francisco

• Odinhall
• Ceasterhild Brycgian (Citygate Bridge – Golden Gate Bridge)
• Pellicane Island — Alcatraz island

Cimbri-on-the-Caestus — Chicago (Sigrun’s birthplace)
Duwamish — Seattle
Frisii – Montreal
Marcomanni – Cincinnati
*Nova Trier — New York

• Statue of Odin and his ravens in Muhheakantuck Harbor

Saxony — Detroit

Novo Gaul, cities and notable landmarks

Alba Aesculus — Albuquerque
*Arlesus — New Orleans
Caddo Bluff — Dallas
Clovis — St. Louis
*Crann Péitseog — Atlanta
Croatoan — Roanoke, Virginia
*Divodurum – Houston
*Féir Crompán — Carrizo Springs
*Nimes — Los Angeles
*Ponca — Omaha
Romaine — Richmond, Virginia
*Tongeran – Phoenix
Tidewater — Norfolk, Virginia

Non-affiliated countries of Caesaria Aquilonis

*Chahiksichahik territory
Comanche Alliance
Diné Lands
Iroquois Confederation
Lakota Nation
Hopi Nation

• Oraibi — Major Hopi city

Ute Federation

Nahautl, cities and notable landmarks

*Fuscus Lapillus — Piedras Negras
*Tenochtitlan — Mexico City
*Teotihuacan — Ruins of the same name
*Tikal, Tikali region — Guatemala

Caribbean region

Borikén — Puerto Rico
Coabana — Cuba
Karankawa — Galveston island (part of Novo Gaul)
Kùutsmil — Cozumel (part of Nahautl)
Taino islands — Caribbean islands

Caesaria Australis (South America)


Geographical features

*Ibirapitanga rainforest— Amazon rainforest

Tawantinsuyu, cities and notable landmarks

*Coropuna — Volcano
*Cuzco — Cusco
*Machu Picchu
*Nazca Lines

Middle East


Notable cities

*Borsippa — Location of major Magi academy. (Southwest Iraq)
Byzantium — Capital of Lydian province (Istanbul, Turkey)
*Chalus — City in Media, on the Caspian. (Chalus, Iran)
Damascus — Capital of West Assyria, province of Rome
Ecbatana — City in Media, southwest of Chalus. (Near Lalejin, Iran)
Gazaca — City in West Assyria (No current real-world location. Approximately Zanjan, Iran.)
*Jerusalem — Capital of Judea
Meggido — Judean city (a place called Armageddon)
Persepolis — Capital of Persia (Real world: ruins south of Estakhr, Iran)
Shiqmona — Port city of Judea (Haifa, Israel)
*Tyre —Carthaginian city, province of Rome (Tyre, Lebanon)

North Africa


Notable cities and geography

*Alexandria — Capital of Egypt
Carthage (city) — Carthage, Tunisia
*Chott el Jerid — Saltwater lake/salt flats, Tunisia
Hippo Regius — City west of the city of Carthage. (Annaba, Algeria)
Mauritania — Westernmost subprovince of African Carthage
Oea — City east of the city of Carthage (Tripoli, Libya)
Rusicade — City east of Hippo Regius (Skikda, Algeria)
Tacape — City between Oea and Carthage (Gabes, Tunisia)


The Sea of Atlas — Atlantic
Pacfica — Pacific
Erythraean Sea — Arabian Sea
Imakpik — Bering Strait


Aotearoa — New Zealand
Rapa Nui Island —Easter Island


Ynys Afallon — Isle of Apples, Avalon

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