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Bind-runes are, technically, any combination of runes from the Futhark alphabet that have been joined together. I developed a number of these for the characters of Edda-Earth, and, when their particular background suggested a different symbol might be better, I used other systems, like cuneiform.

Information on each bind-rune may be found in the appendices of each of the novels in the trilogy. As the list is comprehensive, it may contain spoilers.

And because Kindle does not render the tables of that appendix at ALL well (and Kindle Fire, iPad, and iPhone are complete losses in this respect), I present the whole of Appendix V here, including every bind-rune used, with an explanation of each:

Bind-runes, full text

I used AutoRealm as my vector graphics program to build the initial runes. It's a lovely free resource for such things, as well as for building maps for battles.

A couple of sites I used to grab the symbolism for each rune are:

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery


Rune Secrets

Please note that I don't believe in divination by the runes any more than Tarot cards or harupiscation (foretelling the future by pawing through the entrails of a dead animal). The symbolic meaning behind each rune is valid, in the same way that alpha or aleph came, originally, from a pictogram of an ox's head (Really. It's true. [* Origin of the Letter A]). So, too, did the Norse equate Fehu with cattle or wealth.

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